Awesome Deal Alert: Only 10 Hours Left to Earn up to $176 in 15 Minutes!

EDIT: This deal has now ended. If they run it again after Thanksgiving I will let you know about it.

As Independence Day approaches here in the United States, CapitalOne360 has increased their bonuses for signing up for their 360 Checking and 360 Savings accounts again! Usually the signing bonus is $25-50, but twice a year (around this time and for Black Friday weekend), CapitalOne increases the bonuses for a few days. Last time I didn’t get a chance to post about the deal until the last day, but some of you were still able to take advantage. If you happened to see that post too late, now is your 2nd chance to take advantage!

The catch is that these higher sign-up bonuses expire at 11:59pm Eastern Time on July 3rd (Tonight!), so sign up right away if you are interested. You can CLICK HERE to arrive to the page pictured below. To learn a bit more about these accounts and what you need to do to get the bonus, see below. 

CapOne360 2014


360 Savings Account:

You’ll need to deposit at least $500 and keep the money in the account at least 30 days to get the $76 bonus.  The account does pay .75% interest, which is actually better than many other bank savings accounts at the moment.

360 Checking Account:

You’ll need to make 5 transactions with your new CapitalOne Debit card within 45 days to get the bonus (it will arrive on day 50).  I signed up for this account before our trip because it has no foreign transaction fees and can confirm that I received the bonus on day 50 (sadly it was only $50 rather than $100 since I didn’t sign up during one of these higher bonus periods). The checking account also comes with an overdraft feature which we found extremely useful a few times while on our trip. This feature allows you to take out more money than you have in your account up to a limit you choose (mine is $165), and CapitalOne doesn’t charge you any overdraft fees. They simply charge interest on the overdraft amount until you deposit more money.

Below is one example of a withdrawal I made which used my overdraft feature while we were in Bangkok. Since this account was my secondary checking account, sometimes I needed more money than I had planned. Instead of charging me a large fee for being $15 dollars overdrawn, I was simply charged about 10% APR interest on the $15 for the few days it took to transfer more money into the account. It’s a great feature.

CapOne360 account example


I really like the CapitalOne360 products and have both the Checking and Savings accounts. This offer is a great way to make an extra $176 and I recommend you all take advantage of it before the bonuses drop again! Let me know if you have any questions.


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