15 hours left for you to earn $200 for about 15 minutes of your time

UPDATE: Sadly this deal is no longer available, but CapitalOne does have a similar deal currently available until the end of the day July 3rd! Check it out HERE.


Hello everyone, I wish I had made a post about this sooner to give you all more time to complete, but later is better then never.  Most Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals involve you spending money; but this one involves you making some nice cash by opening a new account or two with CapitalOne360.

The catch is that the extra nice signup bonuses are going to expire at midnight tonight! 

So don’t procrastinate on this if you are interested.  You can CLICK HERE to get to the page pictured below which will get you started.



360 Checking Account:

You’ll need to make 5 transactions with your new CapitalOne Debit card within 45 days to get the bonus (it will arrive on day 50).  I signed up for this account before our trip because it has no foreign transaction fees and can confirm that I received the bonus on day 50 (sadly it was only $50 rather then $125).

360 Savings Account:

You’ll need to deposit at least $500 and keep the money in the account at least 30 days to get the $75 bonus.  The account does pay .75% interest, which is actually reasonably good right now.


Bonus for you:

If you have any friends also interested, once you sign up and get logged in online you may be able to refer your friends as well.  You would get $20/referral.  Anna-Lisa and I already had checking accounts, so she referred me for the savings account and is making $20, while I will make $75 for my $500 deposit.

I’m going to sleep now, but in the morning I will be happy to sign up Anna-Lisa for the savings account through the referral link of the first person to post a comment with it under this post.

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