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Due to requests from some of our readers, we’ve decided to start offering a couple different services related to collecting and spending award miles/points efficiently.

In Depth Consultation and Planning Service

I’m always happy to answer most basic questions people have about using credit cards more efficiently and building up their own mileage balances.  We are also working on adding more information to this site and linking to other sites which allow you to learn how you can maximize the benefits of the credit cards you use.

I  also work directly with individuals, couples, and businesses who are interested in more personalized advice.  If you are too busy to spend the time required to read up on this subject, you would benefit from having an expert give you personalized advice regarding which credit cards would provide you with the most benefits given your specific circumstances.  This is particularly useful if you are a business owner or frequent traveler.

If this service is something you could benefit from, please contact me and give me a bit of background information regarding your situation.  I’ll be in touch with you regarding how I can assist you, along with the cost of my services.

Award Booking Service

Thanks in part to my experience booking our AA Explorer Award Tickets (12 Business Class flights) as well as other complicated itineraries, I know many of the tricks required to piece together great award redemptions. These offer multiple times more value than the standard redemption booked by the average person with their hard earned miles.  Anyone with the time and patience can learn these tricks, but I’ve found that most people aren’t quite as willing as I am to deal with the learning curve.  Hence, I’m happy to assist you with your award bookings for as little as $100/person per award. Extremely complicated bookings such as an AA Explorer Award cost more due to the additional time these take to piece together and book.  Note that it can be very challenging to find more than 2 available award tickets in higher classes (business and first) on most flights.

If you are interested in my assistance, please complete the contact form below.  I’ll be in touch with you and based on your specific request will let you know the exact price.  There is no obligation until you confirm your approval.

I would love to hear from you!

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