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My wife and I on our wedding day on the beach at Hanalei Bay in Kauai. Best day of my life!

My wife and I on our wedding day on the
beach at Hanalei Bay in Kauai.
Best day of my life!

My name is Aurelien and I have been extremely passionate about collecting and spending miles and points for the last 2
years. During that time, I’ve personally earned close to 2 million miles and points, mainly through credit card bonuses.

My lovely wife, Anna-Lisa, is my partner in crime.  I don’t ask her to sign up for every card I get, so she has collected “only” about 1 million miles/points.  She is passionate about traveling, cooking, and living a healthy lifestyle.  Aside from writing on this blog, she also runs her own blog as part of her health coaching business:  AnnaLisaMarie – Holistic Health Coach

I believe that anyone with good credit and the desire can do the same and start traveling more for less then ever before!

Even before getting into this amazing game, we already had traveled to many places around the globe.  I was born in France but moved to Iowa when I was very young. I’ve been back to France multiple times to visit my relatives and have also toured many other countries in Europe. I’ve also been able to visit India, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Mexico and about half the 50 states.  Anna-Lisa’s family also believed in the positive effects of traveling. She has been to even more countries than I have: most of  Europe, Barbados, India, New Zealand and more.

With the points we’ve collected, we are currently in the midst of an eight month long trip around the world to add a lot more countries to our current list.

If you have any questions or comments regarding anything discussed on this blog, we would love to hear from you.  Simply contact us below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


I would love to hear from you!

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