You Might be Targeted for a New United Explorer Card 50k Offer

The United Mileage Plus program is one of the best for collecting miles because of all the ways you can use them. United is part of the Star Alliance, which has 27 partner airlines around the world, all of which can be flown on with your United miles. You can also transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points into United miles 1-to-1, so it’s reasonably easy to accumulate a lot of miles. Today, MillionMileSecrets shared a nice new way to apply for the great United Explorer Card 50k points offer which had expired a week ago. Unfortunately, the offer is targeted, which means that not everyone will be offered the 50k. In fact, when I first logged in to see what I would be offered, I only got the standard 30k bonus offer. However, I was messing around on the offer page a bit and randomly came across a way that switched my offer to the better 50k one!  I’ll go through my steps here so the rest of you can try to recreate them. I was successful, but when my friend tried doing it, he was not. Thus this will not work for everyone, but its worth a shot! Step 1. Click the link to get to the offer screen.

United login

Login Screen

Step 2. Login with your MileagePlus # and Pin or Password. Once in, click on the “Back to My Offer” link in the top right (see below) to see whether or not you can apply for the targeted 50k offer. United1page Step 3. If you are like me and only got the 30k offer, its time to get tricky. I figured this out simply by randomly. Click on the “Are You a Business Owner” link on the top right.

Lame 30k offer

Lame 30k offer

Step 4. If you are lucky like me, you’ll see an offer for a 50k Business Card instead of a 30k offer.


Good 50k Business Card offer

Step 5. To return to the personal card offer, click the “Not a Business Owner” link. I was returned to a new personal page offering 50k bonus for signing up! Finally, because the actual application page doesn’t indicate what bonus offer you are applying for, I would take screenshots just in case. Good luck.


Now seeing the 50k offer!


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