Home Sweet Home

Annnnd we are back in Iowa! Home sweet home.¬†Even though we are back home we still have plans to continue blogging. As you probably noticed, we haven’t written much recently and we still have a lot to share! With 22 countries and endless cities we have a lot of content to share and more tips and tricks on getting your own award miles! So stay tuned.

For now I’d like to share a few teaser photos of our last few months.

After Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangkok we spent a day in Macau (below) and then Hong Kong (not pictured).


Macau is the Asian Vegas. Big hotels and casinos everywhere.

Next we spent 48 hours in Doha. It was 100 degrees (38 celsius) and many shops were closed so we ended up just hanging out by the beach and pool.


Skyline and beach in Doha

We then flew to Germany in late April and experienced a culture and temperature shock. We went from 100 degrees in Doha to 40’s and rainy in Germany! Thankfully the sun came out and the temperature improved later. We enjoyed relaxing at our friend’s house and walking around admiring all of the gorgeous flowers.



After Germany we went to Budapest. We spent one morning at Turkish Thermal baths, definitely a highlight!


We visited Aurelien’s family in Slovenia and went to a few fairytale castles.


Beautiful castle in Slovenia.

In Barcelona we wandered the streets and went to a few sites.


Up a tower of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

France was all about visiting Aurelien’s relatives and eating a lot of food.

French Food

Breakfast fresh from the bakery.

In Berlin we learned about their history and enjoyed getting to know the city (we will be back!).


The old Berlin wall.

Last stop, Warsaw! We had a day to walk around the city and see a show at the Opera house (biggest Opera house in Europe!).

Old city with preparations for Obama's speech.

Old city with preparations for Obama’s speech.

On June 3rd we flew home from Warsaw to Chicago on the Dreamliner plane (there will be a post about this!).

Hello USA!

Hello USA!

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  1. darin June 7, 2014 at 12:49 pm #

    That shop with the red door. I want a copy of that photo! ! ! !

    • Anna-Lisa June 7, 2014 at 1:11 pm #


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