First Stop- Portland, Oregon


As I (Annalisa) write this we are on a train from PDX to SEA. We are riding through misty forests, full of the colorful fall foliage and on bridges over rivers with houseboats. I am very happy we were able to experience some fall before flying off to hot Dubai. Portland was full of bright red and orange leaves, the air was crisp and alive and I got to wear a wool sweater.


We spent a fair amount of time eating in Portland and I am glad we did. The food there was incredible, we didn’t try one restaurant we didn’t like. Granted, our hosts brought us to their favorite restaurants, but every dish and morsel of food was drool-worthy. I think in Seattle we are going to live on soups and salads to give our stomachs a break. 😉 Our next post will be all about food.

Our hosts, Amy and Milo showed us around Portland, it was fun finally seeing all the neighborhoods and bridges. We watch Portlandia, so it was fun finally seeing the city in real life. The first day included a new camera purchase, some window shopping and walking around their neighborhood. On the second day we walked through Washington Park, a massive park right next to our friend’s apartment. It was magical with the cool, crisp air and the path leading up into the park.


After lunch at the food carts (!) we drove to Columbia River Gorge, a big touristy spot about 30 minutes from Portland. The path to the top of the waterfall was paved and quite steep. We didn’t have time to make it all the way to the top, but we probably went half the way up so we could see the valley below and more views of waterfall. I would suggest going there even if you don’t have time to hike the cliff/waterfall because you still have a beautiful view from down below. The only problem is all of the tourists blocking the way and taking pictures, but since we were tourists taking pictures as well it’s hard to complain about that. 😉



Coming next is our Portland food post!

Stay tuned!


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  1. Sara Jennings October 28, 2013 at 11:38 am #

    Hello dear. Have you on radar now so hope to see a new post soon. Hope you’re having a wonderful journey.


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