Acupuncture at Power of Now Oasis in Sanur, Bali

Power Of Oasis

The beautiful Power of Now Oasis bungalow

While traveling I am always on the lookout for yoga and wellness centers; it is my passion after all. šŸ™‚ We spent the last few days of our month on Bali in the beach town of Sanur, where I was excited to findĀ The Power of Now Oasis.Ā Their cute bungalow isĀ a little bubble of healing and comfort that isĀ located just a few strides away from the beach. They have aĀ pet brown cow in the yard that munches happily on grass (what a spectacular life she leads), a yoga studio on the second floor and rooms on the first floor for Ayurveda and acupuncture sessions. To get to the studio I was able toĀ leisurelyĀ bike from my hotel on a bike path alongĀ the ocean. I love biking and when I don’t have to deal with cars and too many obstacles, it’s a major bonus.Ā 

When I arrived in Sanur I was not in the best shape, mentally and physically.Ā I had been suffering from an ear problem since scuba diving in Gili Air. I think the ocean water and the humid weather was causing problems in my sinuses. I learned the lesson that, after swimming in the ocean, I need to clean my ears with an alcohol/vinegar mix. I didn’t do that, and during the last dive my ears would not equalize and I had to come up a little early. After that I had an earache in my right ear for a week. Two clinics, one ENT doctor and $350 later I was finally told my right eustachian tubeĀ was clogged. The ENT doctor’s solution was for me to take steroids andĀ antihistamines to clear my tube up before getting on a plane in five days.

Feeling like I had no choice, I tried the medication for two days, but they made me feel dizzy and just terrible overall. Following my intuition I decided to find a natural healer and the only option I could find in Sanur was acupuncture. I wasn’t sure if it would help my ear, but the price was extremely good and I figured I would give it a try. From the moment I met Tony, the acupuncturist at Power of Now Oasis, I felt at ease. He sat down with me and listened to my problem and really showed me that he cared and was not in a rush. The acupuncture room was clean and full of light. The first day as he started putting the needles in, it started to rain. The door was open and as I lay there listening to the rain gently fall in the lush surroundings I felt a wave of peace and comfort flow over my body. After the first 3o-minute session I felt transformed. My earache felt less painful and I just felt more positive overall. He was able to squeeze me into his calendar for two more session over the next four days and by the time I got on the plane four days later, my earache was gone! No medication, just acupuncture and some healing attention. If I go back to Sanur, I will definitely be making more appointments with Tony!

Acupuncture can be beneficial for many different ailments, or used simply for overall wellness. Many people might initially be afraid of the needles, but there is no need for concern. The needles are tiny, the size of a hair follicle. You might feel a tiny pinch when some needles are inserted, but normally that sensation goes away very quickly. While the needles are in, you get to relax, close you eyes and let the needles to their work.

I also able to go to one of The Power of Now Oasis’ yoga classes. The room was crowded, so go early to get a spot, but I enjoyed the energy of the class and really liked the teacher. It was really fun to do yoga again with a group.

AcupunctureĀ Information

Session cost: 200,000 IDR ($20)
Booking Information: You can call or show up to make an appointment
e |
ph 1| +62 (0) 81338315032
ph 2| +62 (0) 87861534535
Location: Right along the beach, next door toĀ Mercure Resort (see picture below, or see it in Google maps)

Exact Location of Power of Now Oasis yoga studio in Sanur, Bali

Exact Location of Power of Now Oasis yoga studio in Sanur, Bali

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