50 Hours in Hong Kong

First photo

What to do during a 50 hour stopover in Hong Kong? We were pretty tired from all of our traveling (Portland, Seattle, Dubai, Seoul and Taipei in that order) so we decided to be relaxed. We slept in, wandered around, went up to Victoria Peak and found a few vegetarian restaurants. I will be honest; before I went to Hong Kong I thought that it would be a big, dirty, crowded city. I wasn’t very excited to go visit. Instead I discovered a big, bustling and clean city. Yes it was crowded and loud, but it is beautiful, has great restaurants and many things to do. It’s definitely a city full of many sights, sounds and experiences. The only downside was the price, thankfully we had hotel points so were able to stay downtown for free, but we spent a lot on food. We did splurge on our meals by going to a couple very good vegetarian places, so I’m sure it could be done cheaper, but it is an expensive city overall.

We plan on going back for a few more days to explore more.



Temple in the heart of the city


Love the Chinese architecture

Radish Cakes

Radish cakes at Chi Lin Vegetarian restaurant

Chi Lin

Chi Lin Nunnery, an oasis in the middle of the city


Hong Kong was full of markets. We visited the flower district.


The clothing and trinket walking market.


A break with some refreshing coconut (on every street corner)


Next up the goldfish market


Puppies! This is my “give me a puppy” face. P.S. I don’t advocate buying pets at pet stores. Adopt pets!


The next morning we hiked up to Victoria Peak

First view

First view of the city as we hiked up!

hong top

Made it to the top after getting lost for 45 minutes! Crowded but a beautiful view.

Veggie meal

Quick meal at Art Veggies before heading to the airport

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