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Two Days in Mandalay, Myanmar

We started out our Myanmar adventure in Mandalay, the last seat of the old Burmese Kingdom before the British colonized them in the late 1800s. We landed at the recently built, yet underused, Mandalay Airport in the middle of green fields and then took the free Air Asia bus 45 mins to the city center. […]

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Our Myanmar Travel Experience

While in Chiang Mai, we decided that it made the most sense for us to head over to Myanmar (or Burma as it used to be known) when we finished our month’s lease.  We loved our trip to Myanmar, and this post will kick off a series of posts about our travels there.  Unlike much […]

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50 Hours in Hong Kong

What to do during a 50 hour stopover in Hong Kong? We were pretty tired from all of our traveling (Portland, Seattle, Dubai, Seoul and Taipei in that order) so we decided to be relaxed. We slept in, wandered around, went up to Victoria Peak and found a few vegetarian restaurants. I will be honest; […]

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