Introduction to the Big Island of Hawaii

Over the past three winters, Annalisa and I have had the good fortune to be able to ditch the Iowa winter and spend four to eight weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thanks to my ability to work online and a great house-sitting situation, we’ve had a chance to experience practically the entire island; […]

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Opera House

Fun Activities to do in Sydney

We spent ten days in Sydney in 2014 during our eight month trip around the world. It was a time of rest, recharge and relaxation. We were extremely grateful and fortunate to be able to stay with a friend of mine and her parents. Their home was two blocks away from Coogee Beach and an easy […]

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Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

This past winter, we decided to spend five weeks living in an apartment in Buenos Aires. As we quickly found out, Argentina is known for a few things: tango, matte, wine and beef. A lot of beef. Before we arrived, almost everyone we talked to got excited telling us how amazing the beef was going to […]

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CapitalOne Deal is Back! Earn up to $200 in 15 Minutes

Once again, CapitalOne360 is offering a great signing bonus for opening a new checking or savings account, or BOTH, with them over the next 50 hours! Is your money earning less than 1% sitting in your current bank account? Why not make $200 by signing up for a new checking and savings account with CapitalOne. […]

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